For years, the firearm parts industry had been allowed to stagnate. Innovation slowed, quality standards fell by the wayside, and the community was forced to choose between reliable quality and reasonable cost.

NineX19 was founded with the simple mission of course-correcting that trajectory by engineering and manufacturing premium quality pistol barrels and upgraded components and providing them to discerning firearms enthusiasts at a price that wouldn’t force them to re-finance their homes.

As a sister company to Steel City Arsenal, the primary focus of NineX19 is on premium pistol barrels and slides for popular Glock and SIG platforms, but they also apply their decades of engineering expertise and machining capability to a full line of sights, magwells, triggers, parts kits, and more. New development ideas are explored daily, so it’s likely only a matter of time before NineX19 sets their sights on designing upgrades for your favorite platform.

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